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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Policies & guidelines

We are required to implement and publish various policies according to legislation.

We name these Statutory Policies ‘SPO’ and develop additional policies so that we can cover all of our responsibilities and areas of service delivery.

We also have a Communications Guideline (PDF) that outlines communication standards for Councillors, Council employees and contractors.

Policies set out the principles that we apply in our service delivery.

We approve Council’s policies and Communications Guideline through the Council meeting process.

We also have internal procedures that we follow to implement our policies on a day-to-day basis.


Housing Services

PO 12 - Social Housing Policy

SPO 10 - Social Housing Application Policy

SPO 11 - Allocation of Housing Policy

SPO 12 - Termination of Tenancy Policy

SPO 13 - Rent Policy

SPO 14 - Home Visit Policy

SPO 15 - Succession of Tenancy Policy

SPO 16 - Tenancy Sign up Policy

SPO 17 - Rental Debt Policy

SPO 18 - Tenancy Breach Policy

SPO 19 - Appeals Policy

SPO 20 - Housing Complaint Management Policy

SPO 21 - Conflict of Interest Policy – Tenancy Management

SPO 22 - Rent Review Policy

SPO 23 - Abandoned Properties Policy

SPO 24 - Tenant Absence Policy

SPO 25 - Housing Application Review Policy

SPO 27 - Notifications Policy

SPO 28 - Property Inspection Policy


Engineering Services

PO 7 - Environmental Policy


Financial Services

PO4 - Fiscal Governance Policy

PO11 - Entertainment and Hospitality Policy

PO14 - Fraud and Corruption Policy

PO18 - Reserve Policy

PR - SPO5-1 Revenue Statement

SPO1 - Investment Policy

SPO3 - Community Grants Policy

SPO4 - Debt Policy

SPO5 - Revenue Policy

SPO6 - Councillor Expense Reimbursement and Facilities Provision Policy


Office of CEO

PO1 - Audit Policy

PO5 - Enforcement Policy

SPO7 - Advertising Policy

SPO9 - Complaint Management Policy and Procedure

SP029 Complaint (Public Official) Policy

PO19 - Trustee Policy

PO20 - Conflict of Interest Policy


Corporate Services

Amended Operational Plan 2018

Asset Management Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Human Resources Policy

Information Technology Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Recruitment Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Policy

Domestic and Family Violence Policy



Communications Guideline