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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Cr. Keri Akiba - Saibai

Councillor Keri Akiba’s goal for the community of Saibai Island is to “maintain harmony and encourage community members to collectively identify their goals and achieve them in a timely manner.”

His hobbies are traditional hunting and spear fishing. Councillor Akiba’s past career highlights have been as a Chairman & Director of the PBC, Environmental Health Worker, Water & Sewerage Officer, Local Business Corporation Director, Church Warden and Council member.

Councillor Akiba biggest goal for the region while in Council is to familiarise himself with the strategic positioning of: One Boat- Regional Governance Reform, the Transitional Action Plan, regional economic initiatives, the formation of the Torres Strait Housing Authority, Climate Change Adaption for effective governance for the region.

Councillor Akiba draws his strength from his experience of representing  Saibai since 1984. He wants to leave a legacy of transparency for Saibai and increase effective and efficient delivery of infrastructure projects and essential services for his community. Cr Akiba is the Deputy Chair for Saibai Mura Buway (Torres Strait Islander) Corporation RNTBC.

“We must all work in unity and harmony respecting each other, our community and the region to move forward in love and peace.”