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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Cr. Mario Sabatino - Kirriri

Cr. Sabatino’s biggest goal is to, “realise community aspirations & regional economic capabilities"- as well as ensuring our elderly and youth receive the support and opportunities equivalent to our southern neighbour's."


Councillor Mario Sabatino has a diverse career that has included roles as:

  • Director of Torres Strait Co-operative
  • mission worker
  • deckhand
  • barge master
  • ferry master
  • pilot vessel coxswain
  • marine fleet master
  • dredge master
  • business owner
  • debt recovery officer
  • marine trainer.

His hobbies include:

  • fishing
  • hunting
  • beachcombing
  • collecting maritime antiques
  • reading
  • sports.

Cr. Sabatino is interested in foreign cultures, traditional Torres Strait celestial navigation, share markets, and fine foods.

Cr Sabatino draws strength from his:

  • accountability
  • transparency
  • flexibility
  • respectfulness
  • honesty
  • being equitable in all dealings.

His biggest goal for the region is to ensure the Torres Strait region moves forward through good governance.

Cr Sabation is a well- respected business person in the region and is the owner and operator of serval businesses in the Torres Strait region.

And his message to everyone?

“I will ensure my community has a voice at the regional table … I will promote, identify and support the Torres Strait Region as a whole.”. Cr. Sabatino.