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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Travelling to our Communities


Important information about visiting our communities:

• Visitors are required to submit a visitor registration form, prior to arriving to Torres Strait Island Regional Council Communities.

• Traditional Inhabitant visitors (under the Torres Strait Treaty) must get a prior advice notice requesting a visit signed by the elected Councillor of the applicable Torres Strait Island Regional Council community they wish to visit. The signed prior advice notice requesting permission to visit must be sent to the relevant community before visiting. 

• All visitors are required to sign-in to the local Council office upon arrival.

• We ask all visitors, whilst in Community to;

     - Obey national laws, local laws and customs.

     - Respect the traditional way of life - be aware of your behaviour and that of those you are travelling with.

     - Help us maintain the natural beauty of our communities by not littering or creating eccessive waste.