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To make a complaint about Council action or inaction, a privacy complaint, or a complaint regarding a Council enterprise, a Council employee, contractor or agents please fill out the form below.

Complaints about Councillor conduct should be made directly to the Office of the Independent Assessor:
In person: Level 13, 53 Albert Street, Brisbane City
Phone: 1300 620 722;


I would like to make a complaint to Torres Strait Island Regional Council

If you have supporting documents, please deliver, post or email to the addresses below.

Have you previously raised this complaint with Council?
Your contact details:

You can sign, print and post this complaint to the Chief Executive Officer, Torres Strait Island Regional Council, PO Box 7336, CAIRNS QLD 4870;  or fax the signed form to 07 4034 5750; 

or email the signed form to:

or deliver in person at: Lot 12 Francis Road, HAMMOND ISLAND QLD 4875

or submit the form by email by clicking on the [Submit] button; by doing this you agree that your email is a record of your electronic signature.

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By submitting this Complaint Notification form, you acknowledge, agree and consent:

  • that all statements contained herein are true and correct; and
  • to this document being used in the investigation of the complaint; and if deemed appropriate by the Council, used in actions pertaining to the complaint; and
  • that you will assist the Council fully in the investigation of this complaint and any action following the resolution of the complaint.  You may be required to provide evidence in a Court of Law or other forum; and
  • to the release of your identity to the person[s] subject of the complaint; and
  • to the release of your allegations to the person[s] subject of the complaint.
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Privacy Statement

Your personal information is protected by law and can only be released to someone else where authorised by law or where you give your permission.

Council is collecting the personal Information contained in this document for the purpose of addressing your complaint. This collection of personal information is authorised by law under the Local Government Act 2009 (Qld).  It is Council’s practice that the personal information contained in this document is disclosed to the Queensland Government as part of its regulatory requirements under the Local Government Act 2009 (Qld) and Local Government Regulation 2012 (Qld).

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