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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Our Executive Team


Role of Our Executive Team

The executive team is led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to ensure that Council's vision and decisions are delivered, and to:

  • Provide unbiased and professional advice between elected members, the Chief Executive and Council staff
  • Implement Council decisions efficiently and effectively
  • Lead the organisation and its people
  • Manage community programs and services
  • Support good local governance in the community
  • Build partnerships and advocate in the best interests of our communities
  • Develop and implement Council's strategic plans and reporting
  • Provide strategic modelling and integrated advice and direction


Bruce Ranga, Chief Executive Officer

Business Functions within the Office of the CEO:

  • Internal Audit - Harish Nair
  • People and Wellbeing - Terri Jacklin
  • Legal Services - Peter Krebs


Jan Pool, Chief Operating Officer

Business Functions reporting to the COO:

  • Corporate Affairs & Engagement - Luke Ranga
  • Community, Health & Environmental Services - David Abednego
  • Engineering Services 
  • Building Services - Vincent Pynaker
  • Housing Services - Marie-Claire Cull


Hollie Faithfull, Acting Chief Financial Officer

Business Functions reporting to the CFO:

  • Financial Services - Nicola Daniels
  • Information Technology - Warren Jenkins
  • Asset Management


    Regional Managers:

        Larissa Bani

       Dawson Sailor 

      Ranetta Nawakie

Saintie Whap - Mabuiag DM Olive Lui - Warraber DM Alenka Morseu - Badu DM
Barbara Dau - Boigu DM Mokatani Lui - Poruma DM Camilla Dorante - Kirriri DM
Abi Mooka - Dauan DM Vacant - Ugar DM Tina Tabuai - Saibai DM
Vacant  - Kubin DM Rottannah Passi - Mer DM Seena Billy - Masig DM
Peli Ware - St Pauls DM John Armitage - Erub DM Maggie Kelly - Iama DM