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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Our Corporate Structure










David Baldwin

Acting Chief Executive Officer


The Executive Director - Financial Services, Executive Director - Engineering Services, Executive Director - Community & Building Services, and Executive Director - Corporate Services (as shown with their respective portfolios below) report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.











Hollie Faithfull CA

Executive Director, Financial Services

Functions within the Financial Services portfolio:



Business Services

Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Asset Management, and Procurement.



















Adeah Kabai

Acting Executive Director, Engineering Services

Functions within the Engineering Services portfolio:



Engineering Operations:

Water & Wastewater, Waste Management, Parks & Gardens, Aerodromes & Marine Infrastructure, Environmental Planning, and Disaster Management.

Civil Works:

Project Management of Major Infrastructure & Civil Programs, and Coastal Defence & Adaptation Works.



Fuel & Fleet Services:

Fuel and Fleet Management Services.

























Dawson Sailor

Acting Executive Director, Community & Building Services

Functions within the Community & Building Services portfolio:



Building Services

Project Management & New Builds, Upgrades, and Repairs & Maintenance (across Council's Buildings & Social Housing Portfolio).



Community Services

Local Divisional Offices & Administration (incl. Australia Post, Centrelink & Powercard Services), Council Accommodation & Community Halls, Aged Care and Childcare, Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs), Environmental Health, and Housing & Tennancy Services.
















Megan Barrett

Interim Executive Director, Corporate Services

Functions within the Corporate Services portfolio:



Corporate Affairs

Governance & Risk (incl. Business Continuity), Enterprise Development & Delivery, and Communications & Engagement.



Corporate Services

People & Wellbeing (Incl. Health & Safety), Legal Services, and Information Technology Services.